Why aren't minimum and maximum mileage filters working for eBay results?

eBay's mileage filters offer a limited degree of precision. This means mileage filtering on AutoTempest works a little differently for eBay results than for results from our other sources.

Minimum Mileage Filtering:

eBay does not support minimum mileage result filtering. eBay results shown on AutoTempest will not be filtered according to any minimum mileage value entered on AutoTempest’s search.

Maximum Milage Filtering:

eBay filters maximum mileage using a limited number of discrete mileage value filter options, returning all vehicle listings up to those discrete values. For example, one of these mileage filter options is “Less than 20,000 miles.” For higher-mileage vehicles, eBay uses a catch-all filter option of “200,000 miles and more."

When you search with more precise maximum mileage filter values on AutoTempest (e.g. Maximum Miles: 65,000) than are supported by eBay's search, your AutoTempest search results will include eBay results for the the next-highest available mileage filter. For example, when specifying a maximum miles value of 65,000 miles on AutoTempest, eBay’s next-highest “Less than 75,000 miles” mileage filter will be used, meaning you will see eBay results up to the slightly higher maximum mileage value or 75,000 miles on AutoTempest.

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