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Search with Advanced Keywords

AutoTempest supports three core advanced keyword search options:

  • Negative keywords:

    Use dashes to exclude keywords (i.e. tell us not to return results with the negative keyword). For example, to search for high-purity classics:

    classic -aftermarket

    Note: When specifying multiple keywords, as above, you may optionally use the AND keyword instead of a single space. For example, the following keywords are equivalent to the above:

    classic AND -aftermarket

You can also use this functionality to exclude certain dealerships, when applicable, by including the dealer name in quotes.

    • Optional keywords:

      Use the pipe character “|” between optional keywords, like this for yellow or red vehicles:

      yellow | red

      Note: Alternatively, the OR keyword is supported as well. For example, the following keywords are equivalent to the above:

      yellow OR red
    • Keyword phrases:

      Use quotes to search listings for complete phrases, like this:

      “android auto”
    Combine these three features to create advanced keyword searches. For example:
    • Phrases can also be excluded:
      -“android auto”
    • Or made optional:
      “android auto” | “apple carplay”
    • Combine all three features together for even more advanced searches (parentheses below are optional, used for clarity):
      classic (yellow | red) (“body only” | “project car”) -aftermarket -“salvage title”

      These keywords would search for results including the words classic and (yellow or red), and the phrases (“body only” or “project car”), and not including the word aftermarket, and not including the phrase “salvage title”.

    Note that only some of these features are supported for our “Compare Other Sites” feature (i.e. the search links we provide for sources such as etc. (none of which do we have any affiliation with)). We support the above keyword features where possible in our links to these sites. Additionally, keywords can be modified/edited on these third-party sites themselves once you click through to them.

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