Why are some filters not supported by external sites like Autotrader?

We've partnered with a number of the top car sites in North America to provide their listings directly on AutoTempest.com. We also offer you the option to compare your search with other search sites, such as Autotrader.com and Facebook Marketplace, in a new window. Note that we have no affiliation with AutoTrader or Facebook Marketplace.

Since we don't have control over search filters on these external sites, we do our best to map AutoTempest search filters to compatible search filters on these external sites. We do this in several ways depending on the filters themselves:
  • We may remove specific unsupported values within a filter while allowing the rest of the supported values to be used on the external site.
  • We may pass these unsupported values to the external site's keywords search function.
  • In some cases, the search behavior of these external sites necessitates more complex mapping behavior. See below for some specific examples of these special cases.
Facebook Marketplace Vehicle Exterior/Interior Color Filtering

Currently, Facebook Marketplace does not provide a "Bronze" color filter option. The closest alternative is "Other". So when "Bronze" is selected on AutoTempest, we map it to "Other" on Facebook Marketplace.

Mapping Facebook Marketplace searches is further complicated as they don't support color filtering if keywords have been specified. So if keywords are present in your search, we don't pass on color filters to Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Searches on Mobile Devices

Facebook Marketplace supports fewer filters for users on mobile devices (e.g. phones and tablets) than on desktop browsers. So if you're searching on a mobile device, we try to include as many of your AutoTempest filters in Facebook Marketplace keywords. One consequence of this is we'll only pass a single filter value to Facebook Marketplace for a particular filter even if you've specified multiple values on AutoTempest (e.g. If you search for Black or White exterior colors on AutoTempest, we'll only pass on Black to Facebook Marketplace, as a keyword).

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