The craigslist results aren't working properly.

The craigslist results are handled by our partner site, You can open them using the orange craigslist button near the top of the results page. Please note that neither SearchTempest nor AutoTempest has any affiliation with craigslist, which is a trademark of craigslist, Inc.

For problems with the results provided by SearchTempest, please check out the SearchTempest help page.

Just remember that craigslist only deals in keywords - they aren't a car site. So for example, if you search for a 1998-2002 car, you might also match an ad where someone has listed their ride for $2000. Similarly, "BMW M3" might match "Honda Civic - BMW M3 exhaust tips!!!" or whatever.

To help avoid this, by default we search only in the titles of posts, not the full body, unless you've entered additional keywords beyond make, model, and year. If you find that doesn't give many results though, you can turn off the titles only option once you open SearchTempest.

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